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Failed Transfer Policy

Policy for Failed Transfers

You CANNOT transfer a domain name to us if:

  • The domain is not yet 60 days old or was renewed less than 60 days ago
  • The existing registrar has the name locked for either non-payment or at the end users  request - requesting party needs to contact existing registrar to resolve
  • The domain name is in dispute
  • The name has been deleted.
  • The domain’s listed administrative contact e-mail address is invalid. You must correct it with your current registrar
  • The domain name is locked. You must unlock it at your current registrar.
  • For .com & .org domains: You have not obtained the transfer authorization code from your current registrar.

Failed Transfers:

Any transfer order that fail after 3 attempts will be refunded, minus a $5.00 Service Fee. No further attempt to transfer that domain will be made. Optionally, you can reallocate the funds paid to another LaneChange.Net service to avoid the Service Fee. We do not automatically refund a failed transfer payment until you specifically request it.

For the most part, domain name transfers usually go through. But we have seen up to 25% failure of transfer requests, even when your domain is in good standing with your current registrar. Without this policy, the administrative costs in handling failed domain name transfers would inevitably increase the cost of our services to you.

Thanks for helping us keep our fees as low as possible!

Robert Schwartz
President, LaneChange.Net

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